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International Institute of Handwriting Studies


"By following Vimala's advice, I released many old negative patterns. As she says, when you change your handwriting, your whole life changes for the better."
Louise Hay,
author, You Can Heal Your Life

"I have been practicing my handwriting changes for two years now, took individual lessons from Vimala, have modified my writing dramatically, and feel that, in its transformative implications, real life possibilities, and tangible effectiveness, Vimala's work surpasses every self-help tool or psychotherapeutic modality available at present."
Gabriella M.,
CEO, Capri Films,
Toronto, ON, Canada

"Vimala's letters are not simply raw material to be manipulated, but an energy code with intrinsic meaning, a vehicle for human consciousness and an opportunity for personal development. Vimala Rodgers provides, after a lifetime of intensive study, the great synthesis of many disciplines and modes of inquiry trying to understand the fathomless mystery of language. She draws from historical, philosophical, psychological, traditional, scientific and esoteric sources, and presents a holistic vision of language in its handwritten manifestations -- offering concrete and practical steps to overcome obstacles which burden or prevent a person from living a fulfilled life."
Ludwig Max Fischer, Ph.D.
Professor, Willamette University, Oregon

"As a resolute skeptic, I began to change my handwriting to prove it wouldn't work. During the first 40 days several amazing life changes took place. "Well, maybe they would have happened anyway," said I. So I began my second 40-day cycle, then my third. Long story short: I've been writing these 40-day cycles for almost three years now, and can't imagine ever stopping. What a difference it has made in "who I am." Ask my wife--ask my friends--ask any employee in my new company!"
John W.
Business consultant
Cupertino, CA

"What yoga is for the body-mind, Vimala's work is for the mind/body. I highly recommend her joyful work to everyone on the path toward healing and wholeness. It's a missing link in the holistic field."
Andrew R., Author.
Revelations for a New Millennium

"I can't thank you enough, Vimala, for writing your book. I don't do "self-help" books as a rule, but I broke stride when I saw yours, thumbed through it at first, then realized all it took was pen, paper, and daily writing. I've completed three 40-day cycles, just began my fourth, and can't imagine ever NOT writing each morning. Not only has my life opened up in ways I never would have expected, but this daily writing has become more like a meditation than a practice. Thank you over and over."
Jackie P.,
High school teacher
Ottawa, ON, Canada

"I have been a yoga instructor for eleven years. Your book has made my habit of daily writing feel more like I'm doing yoga postures than handwriting! It brings me right into my center and makes me keenly aware of who I truly am, and what I am here for. I never saw this before I started my daily writing. I keep your book, my writing tablet, and my new fountain pen in a very honored place in my home. Thank You."
Derek O.,
Yoga Instructor
Basel, Switzerland

"My new writing habits have changed my life forever, particularly my relationships. It wasn't easy at first to change those letter formations, but I kept at it. Why? Because I saw how the attitude of a good friend changed after reading your book and writing each day, and I wanted to see if I could do that too. I did---and I've never been happier with who I am, or felt so free from judgments of other people---and myself! I keep writing, just to see what else might change."

Anika S.,
Phoenix, AZ

"Applying Vimala's teachings enabled me to go deeper within myself, for they provided tools to develop the consciousness of awakening to the fullest potential of being human...not merely human, but perfectly human."

Michael G.,
System Engineer Senior Staff: International Space Station Program, Lockheed Martin Space Systems;
Sunnyvale, CA







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